A Tree is a type of plant that has a main stem, which branches into secondary stems and tertiary stems, and flowers

A tree does not require anything to grow and thrive. They are resilient beings that can survive harsh climate changes.

Tree is a word of Latin origin, which means ‘to grow up’ or ‘to extend’.

Trees are a natural part of the world and play an important role in our lives. They provide us with oxygen and many other benefits.

Trees are an important part of the natural landscape. The trunk is one of the longest parts of a tree, this is where we find the beginnings of roots and branches. The leaves on a tree are its respiratory system, they make use of sunlight to make food but also fight off insects or predators that try to feast on them.

There are 9 different types of trees, each with their own benefits for humans. The most common type is the deciduous tree which has broad leaves in summer and fall before shedding them in winter.

Trees have a huge impact on our lives, whether it’s in the tree-lined road or in your house. Trees provide shade and energy, they are an important part of our ecosystem and they can be found everywhere.

The beautiful thing about trees is that they can grow anywhere where there is enough space. They require little care and maintenance. But good thing about trees is that they only take up a small space compared to other plants – a tree takes up about one tenth of the area of a garden bed filled with flowers and vegetables.